Establish a partnership with a defense contractor that has the infrastructure needed to maintain the products you purchase. When your goggles and vision accessories begin to wear after use in the field, you can keep them working with our selection of night vision parts. Nightline Inc. has developed a process that is centered on efficiency. That starts with our full line of next-generation vision systems.

We support each system with an extensive inventory of parts that can be used by maintenance techs in the field or by members of your team at home. When you make the call to our group to request a particular part, you gain access to more than 40,000 square feet of components for existing lines and legacy systems alike.

Maintaining Systems for 20 Years

We have become a leading source for defense clients and other organizations through our total approach to ensuring quality. Our facility gives us an advantage over other vendors. We offer a training space that allows clients and developers to get a better understanding of how the system they have chosen works when things get dark.

When a client needs monocular parts for a legacy system that has served them well for years, they can count on our warehouse having what they need. Clients operating a versatile product like the BNVD™ appreciate the ready availability of these items.

Responsive Night Vision Repair

Having little room for error, many of our clients request a technician in the field that can identify issues and offer timely repairs. We offer a number of accessories and equipment that includes parts and training programs at our expansive facility.