Night Vision Systems in Tennessee

NL914C – The most advanced PVS-14 in the world.


This Night Vision Monocular offers the user the performance and versatility of the AN/PVS-14 with an improved design. The NL914C™ has extended battery life, offering the user up to 75 hours on one battery. The redesigned system includes push-button design and is extremely lightweight (275g with battery). The NL914C™ is a very versatile night vision system offering hand-held, head/helmet-mounted, and weapon-mounted capability. The system features variable gain, built-in IR-Illuminator, and automatic brightness control (ABC).

Standard Accessories: Hard-sided or soft carrying case, manual, eyecup, lens cover, demist shield, sacrificial window, weapon mount, head/helmet mount adapter, head mount assembly. The NL914CTM will also work with any optional PVS-14 accessories including, helmet mounts, 3x/5x afocal lenses, and advanced weapon mounts.

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The NL914A™ is based on the US Military model AN/PVS-14-A night vision monocular. The NL914A™ is a very versatile night vision system offering hand-held capability as a self-contained pocket scope for left and right mountings as a monocular and quickly changed mountings on weapons sights in conjunction with an infrared laser aiming device. The NL914A™ will mount or interface with standard AN/PVS-7B or AN/PVS-7D helmet mounts or face masks. The monocular operates on a single AA battery and features variable gain, automatic brightness control (ABC), and a built-in IR illuminator. Optional magnification with 3X or 5X afocal objectives is available to provide long-range observation.

Available Accessories Include: lens cover, eye guard, retainer cord, battery, Operator’s Manual, soft carrying case, shoulder strap, hard carrying case, demist shield, lens brush, lens paper, weapon mount, head/helmet mount adapter, sacrificial window, head mount assembly and compass

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The NL963B™ night vision goggles are based on the US military model AN/PVS-7. The NL963B™ is intended for land use, including vehicle driving, and is typically worn on a head mount or helmet mount. When using the helmet mount, the goggle will automatically shut off in the up position. The goggle and its adaptor are independently removable from the helmet strap. An ON-OFF knob controls all of the features of the goggle. These controls can easily be operated using gloves.

This rugged, lightweight system allows independent eyepiece focus from +2 to -6 diopters. It includes a low battery warning light, integrated infrared light source, automatic brightness control (ABC), high light cutoff tube protection, and a selection from several image tube specifications. The NL963B™ allows for optional magnification with a 3X or 5X Afocal snap-on objectives.

Available Accessories Include: Objective Lens Cover, Neck Strap, Operator’s Manual, Soft or Hard Carrying Case, Shoulder Strap, Demist Shield, Sacrificial Window, Lens Brush, and Lens Paper, Head Mount Assembly, and Helmet Mount

Product Specifications


The BNVD can be used as a monocular, binocular, or stowed out of the way without removing. Each arm can be rotated independently, giving the user an infinite amount of configurations and outstanding versatility. The BNVD is lightweight and can be worn comfortably for extended periods. The BNVD utilizes MIL-SPEC accessories and optics. It also includes head and helmet mounting options for the AN/PVS-7D, AN/PVS-14, AN/PVS-7A/C, AN/PVS-15, and AN/PVS-18. Optional ANVIS mount is available. Switching from one mounting system to another can be accomplished by the end-user within minutes.

Included Accessories: Soft Carry Case, AA Batteries (2), Operators Manual, Neck Cord, Objective and Eyepiece Lens Caps, Eyecups, Lens Paper, 7D Head Mount Assembly, Demist Shields, Sacrificial Windows and IR Flood/Spot Lens Assembly, Operator’s Card, Dovetail Mounting Adapter

Optional Accessories: Hard Carry/Storage Case, 3X Afocal Magnifier Lens, Magnetic Compass, Helmet Mount PASGT, MICH Helmet Mount, Shuttered Eye guards, Camera Adapter Kit, Dovetail Style PASGT Helmet Mount, Dovetail Style SPH-5CG Visor Mount, Dovetail Style Full Cushion Flip-up Facemask, Dovetail Style Underwater 4-Pad Flip-up Facemask Assembly, Dovetail Style Facemask Assembly Flip-up.

Product Specifications


The NL949B™ is based on the US Military model AN/AVS-9 Aviator’s Goggles. Improved situational awareness, system performance, in addition to ergonomic and technological enhancements, benefit both military and civil operators.

The NL949B™ features binocular viewing for optimized depth perception. The large 25mm eyepieces provide improved eye relief enabling excellent viewing while easily accommodating eyeglasses. Ergonomically designed interface controls, including inter-pupillary adjustments and vertical, fore-aft, and tilt adjustments, provide improved viewing of the entire system field of view (40 degrees). The objectives are filtered for operation with compatible aircraft lighting. Optional filters are available (Class A, Class B, and Class C).

Available Accessories Include: Objective Lens Cover, Class a, B, or C Objective Lens, Batteries, Neck Cord, Operator’s Manual, Soft Carrying Case, Low-Profile Battery Pack, COPS (Clip-On Power Supply), and Lens Paper

Optional counterweights for battery packs and daylight training are available.

**This unit has not been TSO qualified with FAA.

Product Specifications