Lift the veil over your theater of operations with night vision systems developed and produced by a group that has been in this business for more than three decades. We are eager to tell you more about Nightline Inc. in Tennessee, and what separates us from others in this field.

We began as a veteran-owned small business, and we have grown to become an original equipment manufacturer of night vision systems used by those in the armed forces and those in the civilian world. Our systems are exported to more than 80 different countries with support and sourcing for parts, including green and white phosphor image tubes.

A Defense Contractor with Reach

As the industry has grown during the growth of Generation III vision systems, we’ve adapted our process to help clients get the technology they need. Our experience has shown that many of the steps in this process belong under one roof. To that end, we built an expansive facility that includes in-house licensing personnel to ensure ITAR compliance.

A Centralized Operation

Our facility allows our engineering and design teams to test out prototypes without traveling to another facility. When repairs to legacy systems are needed in a theater outside the country, our technicians and trainers go to where the client needs us the most.